• The nation premier birder in broiler chicken production by minister of JIHADKESHAVARZI - 2010
  • Manager of factory favoritedfavorite National by the Secretary of JIHADKESHAVARZI - 2012
  • Premier birder the breeder in the country, by Deputy Minister of JIHADKESHAVARZI - 2008
  • The nation premier birder in broiler breeder by minister of JIHADKESHAVARZI - 2004
  • Birder the premier in nation in broiler chicken production by minister of JIHADKESHAVARZI- 2001
  • Entrepreneur the top of provincial by Governor of Western Azerbaijan – 2006
  • Membership in the Association of Iranian thinkers by Chairman of the Board of Trustees' thinkers
  • Elected the cooperatives the premier of provincial in agriculture by The Director General of Western Azerbaijan Cooperative - 2004
  • Exporter Premier the Provincial by Managing company on Industrial Estates - 2013
  • Exporter Premier the Provincial by Governor of Western Azerbaijan Province -2013
  • Unit the favoritedfavorite of provinces quality by Chief the Council of Standards of province - 2012
  • Exporter Premier the Provincial by Governor of Western Azerbaijan Province - 2012
  • Exporter Premier the Provincial by chairman the TOSEE SADERAT Bank of provinces - 2012
  • Premier manufacturer for feed livestock and poultry from chief the veterinary - 2012
  • Cooperative premier agricultural of province by minister of cooperatives - 2008
  • The premier producer the agricultural by minister of industry, mine and trade- 2012
  • Employer, Supporter the Worker by minister of cooperatives - 2011
  • The nation premier birder in breeder production chosen by the president -2008
  • Select of a unit the world's top in nurture Race of Ross-2004
  • Typical chicken breeder in the country in the years 1383,1387,1389,1390

Biography of the CEO of Keyvan Morgh Partalaei Mahabad Complex

(And that there is not for man except that [good] for which he strives)

  The entrepreneur National Premier in 2006 , national sample manager in 2008, worker-friendly in 2005 - 2012 and The sample birder throughout country in 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , 2008 , 2006 , 2004 , 2001 , 1999.

Reza Savari is Managing Director in Keyvan Morgh Partalaye Mahabad Complex. He was born in a middle-class family farmer of the Gardarash village around Mahabad in 1965 via the mother sympathetic that was accompanied his father toiling in all realms of life with. He completed primary education in his hometown and completed high school education and diploma in Miandoab due to proximity distance to his home city.

Start of activities: 1984, initial capital: a motorcycle, an empty cage, a balance and 20000 IRR.

Bachelor business administration and vice chairman of national the assembly of experts agriculture of Iran , official member of the Asia Pacific quality organization , member of Iranian society and inventors , member of successful the Iranian association , membership in the engineering organization of agriculture and natural resources , board member for support of prisoners association, the entrepreneur national premier in 2006 , successful entrepreneur of Western Azerbaijan province in 2007 , national sample manager in 2008   worker-friendly in 2005 - 2012 and the sample birder throughout country in 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , 2008 , 2006 , 2004 , 2001 , 1999 , the sample employer in 2012 , commissioner of representatives of Iran and Oromia chamber , commission member of investment and finance Iran chamber , common council member of Iran  and Greece chamber ,  common council member of Oromia - Arbil chamber , the board member of livestock and poultry feed in coordination with factories, the board member of industries association  poultry and aquatic feed in Iran .

Creation motivation and biography general job: After completed the soldier  period that was coincided with of Iran and Iraq total war and according to the effectiveness of my brother the job that was selling chicken and passion and try and believe in the verse (people are not created unless for trying). I began selling chicken career in the Mahabad city and regions via an empty cage, the amount of 20000 IRR, a motorcycle and a firm determination. The aviculture was very little in the Mahabad city so I have to went for chicken purchase of neighboring cities as Malekan, Maragheh, Azarshahr. I must went to the door of each aviculture for getting to know with sensitive jobs of aviculture. Nights were passed, but sleep did not come to my eyes because I thought that must create jobs for the many unemployed in the region and they collect in my complex. This important task took place thanks to God, with firm  determination, believe to self, abilities and much efforts. I was able to create a unit of aviculture with 5000 piece via two employees in Mohamadyar three way and start as a birder officially.I need to be motivated every day to be better than yesterday. the career was sensitive and risky but I continued and then with 10000 piece, and now with 5 unit to capacity of 290000 broilers, the annual production to deal 3500 tons of white meat, 5 units of breeder hens to capacity 173,000 piece of breeder hens, a unit of incubation with annual production 24000000 piece of day-old chicks and a factory of aquatic poultry feed with capacity 60000 tons in each year. Installations are over of 60,000 square meters in lands to area of ??70 hectares that all have become to sample green space and gardens. Employment is provided for 350 families (about 1,250 persons) directly and related sub-sectors and types of jobs the approximate number (2500 family) indirectly. Meanwhile Sports club have made for company personnel and good  people and knowledgeable of Mahabad city in an area of ??540 square meters in opposite the physical education Mahabad office with best possible. In terms of footbal, Keyvan Morgh Partalaei Mahabad Complex has football Team that has rating in the Premier League and Division three countries already. And the company makes in provincial and national competitions also I am active presence in all internal and external seminars and exhibitions constantly.


Success secret:There are the key factors for success in my career such as trust to God, follow up issues seriously and immediately via firm determination, great interest to the work especially "my profession, using of the comments and

experiences of experts, using of the latest technology and modern science in the poultry industry, cooperation and efforts of staff and esteemed colleagues in the collection And family support, Correct management acts in company, personnel contribute In Complex Affairs, paying 5 percent profit  in addition to the fixed salary and  the provision of welfare facilities for employees and their families ranging from organizational houses and Clubs Sport, group accident insurance and therapeutic completing insurance for all employees In addition to the social security insurance. We know that achieve to national goals such as Self Sufficiency and freedom from economic dependency, solving unemployment, improve living standards and national income is requires to national determination and national determination has requires to effort and perseverance and strong volition of real effort. The activists hold the wheel of the economy in the arena of labor and production every night and day and are harbor for the economic stability, goals advancing and economic programs via short-term and long-term in country are harbor for the economic stability, goals advancing and economic programs via short-term and long-term in country. Entrepreneurs have done great efforts to reform society and in sensitive areas of economic and social have brought positive outcomes for humanity prosperity. They create new opportunities with help to creativity, innovation and risks taking as the engine of economic development until obtain valuable benefits. It is very important given that the present era is known to the era of rapid change and it is a fundamental transformation of all human achievements today.

Entrepreneurs solve many problems and difficulties and cumbersome in the country such as unemployment, inflation, lack of dynamism and prosperity, and social crises by providing pure ideal and the creation of small businesses, medium and return soon and replace new approaches rather than traditional methods. They believe that working should be learned from the heart. The embryo begins their work from the fourth week fertility until end of lifetime and sometimes more than a hundred years. Like being knows If does not knows dies. They prefer that sacrifice their personal interests for the sake of society interests and good intention. Entrepreneurs have ineffability the capacities and capabilities. They can do great things as symbols of alliances and solidarity, especially in social and economic dimensions and authorities should pay special attention to them as the hosts of unity and cohesion. Therefore, my success, the company, climb on production peaks, gaining degree and getting valuable badges of production from the Iranian statesmen and global authorities are Marker a strategic vision with attitude to management, update this company in due to skilled manpower and empowerment Using of latest technologies, modern systems and equipment in the building and design and equipping different sectors of production. We believe to global village and food security in Partalaei farms. We believe to provide sustenance and creating a healthy environment for living in peace and comfort for employees and believe to cultural sports actions for creating a healthy society. This success has been achieved through the efforts of sympathetic and honest employees, successful experts and managers, and members of my family patience. Consequently, we try until reach to self-sufficiency and entry into global market through the working hard and trying, enter to arena of manufacturing problems and bear it also removing all barriers, maintaining and developing in job creation and Insolubility in arena of Production.( And that there is not for man except that [good] for which he strives)