• The nation premier birder in broiler chicken production by minister of JIHADKESHAVARZI - 2010
  • Manager of factory favoritedfavorite National by the Secretary of JIHADKESHAVARZI - 2012
  • Premier birder the breeder in the country, by Deputy Minister of JIHADKESHAVARZI - 2008
  • The nation premier birder in broiler breeder by minister of JIHADKESHAVARZI - 2004
  • Birder the premier in nation in broiler chicken production by minister of JIHADKESHAVARZI- 2001
  • Entrepreneur the top of provincial by Governor of Western Azerbaijan – 2006
  • Membership in the Association of Iranian thinkers by Chairman of the Board of Trustees' thinkers
  • Elected the cooperatives the premier of provincial in agriculture by The Director General of Western Azerbaijan Cooperative - 2004
  • Exporter Premier the Provincial by Managing company on Industrial Estates - 2013
  • Exporter Premier the Provincial by Governor of Western Azerbaijan Province -2013
  • Unit the favoritedfavorite of provinces quality by Chief the Council of Standards of province - 2012
  • Exporter Premier the Provincial by Governor of Western Azerbaijan Province - 2012
  • Exporter Premier the Provincial by chairman the TOSEE SADERAT Bank of provinces - 2012
  • Premier manufacturer for feed livestock and poultry from chief the veterinary - 2012
  • Cooperative premier agricultural of province by minister of cooperatives - 2008
  • The premier producer the agricultural by minister of industry, mine and trade- 2012
  • Employer, Supporter the Worker by minister of cooperatives - 2011
  • The nation premier birder in breeder production chosen by the president -2008
  • Select of a unit the world's top in nurture Race of Ross-2004
  • Typical chicken breeder in the country in the years 1383,1387,1389,1390

A brief history of Keyvan Morgh Partalaei Mahabad Complex

Features of Keyvan Morgh Partalaye Mahabad Complex

Breeder hens Complex and fleshy units in Keyvan Morgh Partalaye Mahabad complex is distinct in terms of design and equipment with other units in the country. The complex has used of newest and most advanced technology, design and equipment , especially the Netherlands and Belgium that is response in poultry biological security .

Ventilation system is installed with cooperation and participation the MOLTIFAN OPTICON companies of Netherlands. Also the using of specific windows to style fully automatic with computer control, low consumption heater (ERMAF) and cooling system (PAD-COOLING) have provided ideal conditions in any weather and in all seasons evenly for Poultry welfare and all systems are controlled from a remote by computer.

Bird weighing system and lighting units are used with collaboration OPTICON Company the Netherlands and controlled by computer software. Egg collection system VENCOMATIC the Netherlands has been completely automatic, in this system all the eggs be transmitted from production hall to separate hall by Conveyors belt system. There are many factors that have a major impact on the quality of eggs and chicks' production quality such as reduction of negative factors including reduction of egg manipulation, reducing environmental and egg pollution, due to lack of dunnage trap , reduce stress in poultry and other factors.

Grain distribution system is of the Belgian ROXELL for all units. The main reservoir of grains is included of proprietary silo tow for hen and rooster that by grain bunkers is shipped from the factory to units and is discharged in the tanks. Disinfectant spray device is installed for disinfecting grains when grains are exited from silo automatically and using computer equipment is measured by calculating the amount required for each hall. Also by the system OGER is distributed and consumed within the special dishes (ROXELL) Uniformly.

Other features of this units is design and construction that is an innovation in the industry so that the all of the halls, the working spaces and personnel requirements are surrounded by The head covered corridorand the unit is  isolated completamente from the environment. Also halls are related with the input section of air halls by valves and has the following advantages.

a): Loss of environmental undesirable effects such as wind, snow, rain, cold, etc. b) reduce the risk of pollution transfer by climatic factors to halls. c) Loss of probability of pollution transfer by wild birds or their droppings that can be transferred by personnel shoes. d) The use of space and disinfected air in inside of corridor for using in cold season by installing the heater in the halls. h) Reducing the environmental impact in cold on egg at time transfer to grading according to distance.