The company has 409,000 pieces of broilers

and annual production 3,900 tons of White Meat with capacity five unit of broilers now.


Total capacity of the Breeder hens units in the complex is 204,000 pieces, 25,000,000 Production of fertilized eggs.


In incubation factory of the village Doost Ali was put into operation using 3 machines,

the 15-unit building JIMES WAY and annual production capacity 19,000,000 of One-day-old broiler


 Livestock and poultry factory was launched  with a production capacity of over 60,000 tons

of livestock , poultry and aquatics  

Corn dryer having a output of 20000 T per year



Orchard 60 acres of fruit varieties was exploited

with fully mechanization techniques and drip irrigation method.



Kimia-Morgh chiken slaughter house

capacity of slaughter is 8000 broiler hens per hour

and a frighe below zero with the capacity of storing 4000t


Products of this unit include

Warm chicken ready to be cooked, frozen chiken in cartons, Industrial sebaceous, Chicken to be used in sausages and salami factories, Packaged chicken thighs and breasts,  Packaged chicken wings and necks, Packaged chicken liver and gizzard, Packaging chicken feet, Meat meal