LiveStock and Poultry Plants

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In order to complete the production cycle and solve the problems facing farmers and reduce feed waste and increase efficiency and productivity farms, the company established a factory with a capacity of 60000 tons for per year in a good climate and mountainous areas of Mahabad which in a short time was succeeded to obtaining incentives standard and implementation of the quality management system.

(HACCP, Iso 14001-2004, Iso 22000-2005, Iso 18001-2007, Iso 9001-2000,  Iso 9001-2008).












The company in order to improve quality and increase efficiency and productivity and changes in feed conversion coefficients in 2011, was able to Installation of R.T.B device and Separate line mother from the other line. Also produces a variety of products ranging from poultry feed Includes: broiler, breeder, laying and concentrates livestock including dairy, meat and fish. The company is committed to the development and prosperity of the industry and helping more and better technical services and benefiting from the views of experts such as the supporter of farmers and Stockbreeders. The best quality and feed conversion of this company is one of the main factors of difference between this company and other similar factories. Also this unit was selected as a superior unit of food industry in 2009, superior factory of livestock and poultry in nationwide by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2012, the Quality superior Unit On behalf of standards organization 2012 and superior exporter in 2013.