Cultural Sports

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Keyvan Morgh Partalaye Mahabad Complex has Activity dramatically in the field of sports and has the multiple disciplines of sport and combat in groups of teen and adult.Adult football team was win of city championship in 2006 years and was known as runner up of the Premiership in the province (2009). The team was reached to third division league of football in country due to reaching rank champion in to the province (2010). Keyvan Morgh club has others honours including premier league champion in the province (2012), going to third division league of football in country (2013) and first place in the competitions. The company has done important steps in the sports field by constructing dedicated football ground and creating a football school. As well as the company has created a head covered club Cultural - Sport with  best features to area of ​​540 square meters for company staff and the people discerning of Mahabad cityWhich is  used by the public currently.